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[01. Facing The Void.flac] 31.540249MB
[02. Watching The Lights While Falling Asleep.flac] 43.48812MB
[03. Black Hole Entropy.flac] 25.474695MB
[04. 1000 Years Of Cryosleep.flac] 168.84502MB
[05. Orbiting Probes.flac] 31.654812MB
[06. Subterranean Hallucination.flac] 40.657127MB
[07. Corrupted Waters.flac] 32.58783MB
[08. Amongst Unknown Species.flac] 33.67276MB
[09. Cerulean Glome.flac] 28.682144MB
[10. Approaching The Unrevealed.flac] 32.607742MB
[11. Black Monolith.flac] 36.243553MB
[Folder.auCDtect.txt] 0.0047397614MB
[cover.jpg] 0.033947945MB